“You [Christina] do a great job! I’m just tickled to death to work with you. I really feel like I have an excellent person in my corner and I’d be happy to talk to anyone to discuss how great a job you do.”
Ryan Swank
Westville Schools, OK
I am thankful for you every day!!!!!
Susan Whitenack, TX
Sherman ISD
I don"t say it as often as I should, but I appreciate the hard work you and Kellogg have provided my organization. It"s obvious by your team"s actions that you truly do want what"s best for the communities we serve. That"s reflected in your effort and I"m thankful for it.
Lorien Faulkner
Piedmont Schools, OK
I would like to express my appreciation to Christina and all the folks at Kellogg. You have been wonderful to work with and made my job sooo much easier when it came to erate. Took all the angst out of it for me.
Andrew Peters
Pioneer Library, OK
Probably the single most important aspect of Kellogg & Sovereign"s service is their decades of experience and close ties to the USAC program. They have skillfully adapted to the numerous changes over the years and ensured each client was brought up to speed with monthly video calls and bulletins. USAC offers very little to no wiggle room when it comes to program structure and rules. The staff at Kellogg & Sovereign know them better than anyone.If you want a professional, hands on, and personal experience with your ERATE needs Kellogg & Sovereign will never fail you. They do an amazing job and I thank them for all they do. Every day.
David Altom, Technology Director
Duncan Public Schools, OK
Kellogg and Sovereign has been the trusted E-Rate consultant of Conway Public School District since 2011. The very first year that we were a customer, they made us aware that we were missing out on discounts for an eligible service, saving our district thousands of dollars! They are always VERY quick to answer any question that we have. There are many things that I worry about, but E-Rate isn"t one of them because of Kellogg and Sovereign.
Joel Dean, Technology Director
Conway Schools, AR
We have worked with Kellogg and Sovereign since 2002 and during that time they have helped and guided us through the E-rate process. Jane, Debi, and their team are always very professional and willing go to the extra mile to help you prepare and submit your requests. When we were audited, they were with us each and every step of the way which helped relieve the stress of the request. I would highly recommend Kellogg & Sovereign to any school district or library system that becomes involved, or is involved, in the E-rate program.
John Curran, Dir Tech Operations
Frisco ISD, TX
Having Kellogg & Sovereign as our consultant has been the best thing that ever happened for us from the E-Rate and management standpoint. You have always been there for me for my serious and “crazy” questions!! I have always said “The only dumb question is one that one does not ask.” However, you really made me feel good about all the “dumb” questions I have had over the years!!! Thank you!!!
Lynn McIntosh
Southern Oklahoma Library System
The Kellogg & Sovereign team provide a wide breadth of knowledge and expertise to what can be a very taxing and daunting task for small school administrators such as myself. Their workshops and webinars have helped keep me centered and on point with various E-Rate and OUSF tasks we have needed to stay on top of for the betterment of our school and our future funding.
Brett Hill, Superintendent
Moss Public Schools
I am a long-time client (different districts, different states). I appreciate the work ethic and honesty from Kellogg & Sovereign.
Dr. Geary Brown, Superintendent
Cave Springs Public Schools, OK