You guys do a fantastic job overall and really make the process easy in my opinion
Jason Ridenour, Director of Technology
Ponca City Public Schools, OK
Having Kellogg & Sovereign as our consultant has been the best thing that ever happened for us from the E-Rate and management standpoint. You have always been there for me for my serious and “crazy” questions!! I have always said “The only dumb question is one that one does not ask.” However, you really made me feel good about all the “dumb” questions I have had over the years!!! Thank you!!!
Lynn McIntosh
Southern Oklahoma Library System
The Kellogg & Sovereign team provide a wide breadth of knowledge and expertise to what can be a very taxing and daunting task for small school administrators such as myself. Their workshops and webinars have helped keep me centered and on point with various E-Rate and OUSF tasks we have needed to stay on top of for the betterment of our school and our future funding.
Brett Hill, Superintendent
Moss Public Schools
I am a long-time client (different districts, different states). I appreciate the work ethic and honesty from Kellogg & Sovereign.
Dr. Geary Brown, Superintendent
Cave Springs Public Schools, OK
We are a large school district who sought services very late in the process and we"ve been blown away by the high quality of management and level of professional expertise Debi Sovereign and her team have provided.”
Debbie Skinner, Systems Manager
Rogers Public Schools, AR
Kellogg- Sovereign has been a life saver as we navigated the complex world of the USAC grant process. Professional, knowledgeable, responsive to our request and handled all aspects of the process. They have a great team of professionals!
Sharon Hall, CEO
Caring Hands Healthcare Centers
I have worked with Kellogg & Sovereign Consulting, LLC for the last 8 years, and I continue to be impressed with the service, knowledge, and efficiency of the consultants. It is so nice to know that someone is helping you keep up with deadlines, expectations, and paperwork that are constantly changing with E-rate and OUSF. They understand you have a million other things you do and never make you feel stupid! They make my life much easier and less stressful.
Jeanette Hale, Director of Technology
Lexington Public Schools, OK
We have been with Kellogg and Sovereign for over 10 years. They take the pain out of E-Rate, without them I would be lost. Kellogg makes E-Rate simple, Shhhh don’t tell my bosses, they think this is a difficult job managing E-Rate, but not with Kellogg guiding our way. Not having to directly interact with USAC alone makes it a great value.
Charlie Sheldon, Director of IT
Midwest City Del City Schools, OK
Kellogg & Sovereign Consulting is a great resource for the Federal E-rate process. They have also helped tremendously when our school was selected for review. Kellogg & Sovereign Consultants worked diligently until our school was cleared. I strongly recommend them for their customer service and highly qualified staff
Ruby Phelps, Admin Assistant
Belfonte Public Schools, OK
Kellogg & Sovereign have been our E-rate consultants for many years and are an invaluable resource for our district. They walk us through every step during the year and actually make E-rate and OUSF easy, which is an incredible thing to say. The staff are quick to respond to any inquiries or special needs we have and they go above and beyond expectations time and again. Kellogg & Sovereign is a proven and priceless partnership that we plan to maintain for many more years to come
Shannon Chapman, IT Director
Sand Springs Public Schools, OK