Notices & Instructions

Service Providers - E-Rate Bidding for 2018-19

Get Started:

To get started with the E-rate bidding process, follow the step by step bidding instructions:
Step by Step Bidding AND review the Bidding Instructions on this web site.

We have also provided training videos to assist you with the bidding process.

Highlights for 2018-19:

  1. KSLLC Changes
    • USAC E-Rate Productivity Center - Online Portal for E-Rate filings. All FCC Forms are filed directly in the E-Rate Productivity Center ("EPC" pronounced "Epic." Service providers need to register for access to EPC in order to access FCC Forms 470 and critical E-rate filing information. Call the SLD help line 888-203-8100 if you need assistance.
    • The RFP has been updated to reflect the 2018 Eligible Services List.
    • All awarded bidders for Internal Connections must provide a completed Item 21 bulk template within 5 days of award notice.  Awarded bidders for other services may be requested to provide Item 21 bulk upload templates.  The template can be downloaded from the USAC web site.

  2. Program Changes and Eligible Services

    Be sure to review the Eligible Services List PRIOR to placing bids. The FCC E-Rate Modernization Order in July 2014 and the Second E-Rate Modernization Order in December 2014 approved numerous changes to the program which all service providers should be aware of. For details, see: E-Rate Modernization Order

  3. Lowest Corresponding Price

    Service providers cannot charge E-rate applicants a price above the Lowest Corresponding Price. All bidders MUST comply with this rule.

  4. Maintenance Bids

    If you are bidding on maintenance, you can select from the equipment pre-filled in by the applicant. When you select the equipment items, the program will transfer the information provided by the applicant to your bid. You will then need to update the equipment details, adjust quantities, and enter your bid price. The bid price by item will be multiplied by the E-rate eligible percent and the extended eligible price will be displayed. The program will add the price and extended eligible price for all maintenance items and display the grand total in your regular bid. When you print your maintenance bid, you will get a summary bid along with a detailed attachment page. Please carefully review your maintenance bids and feel free to contact us for guidance when you enter your first bid. Make sure you understand the program before you enter a large number of bids for basic maintenance. Note: Unbundled warranties are NOT eligible for E-rate discount.  **Be sure to read changes set forth in the E-Rate 6th Report and Order regarding maintenance contracts!**

  5. Managed Internal Broadband Services (MIBS)

    Service providers submitting bids for MIBS will need to provide a full list of equipment that will be managed including which equipment is owned by the applicant and which equipment is owned by the service provider, and a scope of work detailing services to be provided.

  6. Scheduled Walk-Through Dates/Bidders Conferences

    Scheduled Walk-Through dates are posted on the main vendor menu ( Be sure to review the listing immediately then review the listing on a regular basis. If the walk-through is MANDATORY, your bid may be disqualified if you do not attend! An applicant's RFP on will state whether or not the applicant is hosting a bidders conference and if it is mandatory. Contact the applicant (school/library) PRIOR to the scheduled conference or walk-through date if you have a conflict and need to make alternative arrangements. Only the applicant can provide exceptions to required bidders conference and walk-through requirements.

Other Items to Note:

  1. RFP Changes

    A list of RFP changes can be accessed from the main vendor menu ( Be sure to review the listing on a regular basis. It is the service provider's responsibility to review this list on a regular basis and adjust bids accordingly.

  2. Bid Due Dates

    Bid Due Dates are listed on each RFP and can be viewed from the list of RFPs accessed from the vendor menu ( Unless otherwise stated on the RFP or bidding notes, bids must be submitted online by 11:59 pm CST on the due date shown for the respective RFP. LATE BIDS WILL BE DISQUALIFIED. There are NO EXCEPTIONS for late bids. It is the service provider's responsibility to review bid due dates. Contact Kellogg & Sovereign® Consulting PRIOR to bid closing if you foresee any problems with submitting a timely bid.

  3. Partial Bids Accepted

    Unless otherwise specified on the applicant's RFP, Bidders may submit bids for portions of the requested services or equipment. For example, a service provider may submit a bid for voice lines but not for network switches. Another example would be a service provider may submit a bid for wireless access points but not for caching servers.

    If the RFP states "YES" for total network solution, then the applicant would prefer the bidder to submit bids for all items in the network section. For example bids that include network switches, cabling and installation would receive a higher score in quality of solution than bids for network switches only.

  4. Category 2 Budget Requirements

    Applicants who request bids for category 2 products and services will conduct a competitive bidding period for the products and services they need on a site by site basis. Once bids are received, the applicant will evaluate the bids based on the responses submitted by the due date. The applicant will then select the winning bidder based on the original bid responses.

    Once a bidder is selected for category 2 products and services, the applicant will then have to review the awarded bid on a site by site basis and make changes to the quantities and items selected in order to stay within their category 2 budgets by each individual site. The applicant may contact the awarded bidder to adjust quantities by site in order to meet the Category 2 budget.

    The selected service provider is expected to respond timely with revised proposals and contracts for the applicant to ensure that the selected products and services are at or below the per site budget and that the service provider has provided all information necessary regarding reduction in quantities and associated installation, configuration, shipping and handling charges on a per site basis.