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OUSF Provides Guidance on completing the FCC Form 470

Monday, November 27, 2017 12:00 AM

The OUSF E-Rate Coordinator, Derrel Fincher provided the following guidance on completing the FCC Form 470 in order to be in compliance with Oklahoma's Universal Service Fund:

Using the previous year’s FCC Form 470 as a guide when filing a new FCC Form 470 for broadband was usually an effective strategy. Doing so this year may result in a denial of E-rate funding due to a services definition change, and a reduction or denial in Oklahoma Universal Service Fund (“OUSF”) funding due to a rule change.

The OUSF, administered by the Public Utility Division (“PUD”) of the Oklahoma Corporation Commission, pays for some, or all, of your district’s portion for broadband not covered by E-rate. (OUSF-eligible services are E-rate non-voice Category 1 services.) PUD has placed guidance for requesting these services on the FCC Form 470 on our training page. The direct links are:

The guidance covers a change in the OUSF rules, effective September 11, 2017, and a change in how the E-rate program administrator defined broadband services, effective August 26, 2017. This guidance only applies to FCC Form 470s that are filed after those dates.