OUSF Helpful Links

OCC Helpful Links:

Oklahoma Universal Service Fund www.occeweb.com/pu/OUSF/OUSF.htm Download forms for OUSF applications and affidavits here.

Current Rules (See Chapter 59)

www.occeweb.com/rules/rulestxt.htm Schools are included in the Special Universal Service Fund, Chapter 59.
Proposed Rules (See Chapter 59) www.occeweb.com/rules/proprules/proprule.html Schools are included in the Special Universal Service Fund, Chapter 59.
Listing of Regulated Telephone Companies http://www.occeweb.com/pu/puregphone.htm Follow the link  “Regulated Telephone Companies” for a spreadsheet containing the names of the companies regulated by the OCC.  Note there are multiple tabs categorized by company type (e.g., ILEC, CLEC, reseller, etc.). 
Public Utility Reports www.occeweb.com/pu/PUD%20Reports%20Page/pudreports.html The Active Cause Report for PUD provides details on applications in process.
Notification of Determination by Administrator www.occeweb.com/pu/OUSF/OUSF%20Recommendations.html OCC determinations of funding for funding support requests submitted by the service provider on behalf of school, library or telemedicine. Listed by cause number and name of service provider.
Monthly Payout Reports www.occeweb.com/pu/OUSF/OUSF_HistoricalDocuments.htm OUSF Monthly Disbursements for Schools, Libraries, and Telemedicine
OCC Imaging imaging.occeweb.com/imaging/OAP.aspx Find your Cause number in one of the reports above, then enter Cause number as the case number, then enter PUD in Case Type. Leave remaining fields blank and click on Search.
Keystone Supreme Court Proceeding OK Supreme Court No. CU-114470 Supreme Court Case regarding Keystone Public Schools
Oklahoma Supreme Court Network-Statutes www.oscn.net Legal Research - Select Statutes Citationized Title 17 Sec 139.106