Bidding Step 1

Register and Complete Forms

A. Register for Access

  1. Visit the Kellogg & Sovereign® PlanetBids Vendor Portal
  2. Select the “New Vendor Registration” icon on the home page.
  3. Complete the Vendor Profile as thoroughly as possible.  It is not necessary to complete the “Other Business Info” or “Emergency Operations” tabs. 
  4. On the “Category/Description” tab, please select one, some or all of the categories listed below:
    • 000001 – Telecommunications Services
    • 000002 – Leased/Tariffed Facilities or Services
    • 000003 – Network Design
    • 000004 – Network Equipment
    • 000005 – Infrastructure/Outside Plant
    • 000006 – Network Management/Maintenance/Operation
    • 000007 – Internet Access Services
  5. The above-listed categories are the only categories that will be used for the purposes of KSLLC's Erate bidding program. It is not necessary to select any other categories.  These categories will be used to alert registered users of bid opportunities as they are simultaneously posted to the USAC website and PlanetBids.
  6. If more than one representative from your organization would like to register as a vendor, please contact KSLLC and we will enable the system to allow for multiple registrations.
  7. Set your password on the “Company Info” tab
  8. Update your profile to allow alerts and access to RFPs posted by KSLLC for schools, libraries and healthcare. 

B. Complete Forms

  • USAC Forms
    • To look up your Form 498 ID (SPIN) or your official company name associated with your Form 498 ID, use the USAC SPIN Contact Search Tool.
    • If you don't have a Form 498 ID (SPIN), you will need to register your company with USAC/SLD by completing USAC Form 498.
    • You also need to obtain a registration number with the FCC. Be sure to look up your company first to make sure you don't already have a registration number.  See: FCC Registration.
    • If you already have a Form 498 ID, you need to update your contact information and renew your Form 498 ID annually by completing Form 473, Service Provider Annual Certification (SPAC).
    • Register for access to USAC's online E-Rate Productivity Center ("EPC" pronounced "Epic")  Call the USAC help line if you need further assistance: 888-203-8100.

Bidding Step 2