Connectivity Questions

Manage Connectivity Questions in your USAC E-Rate Productivity Center.  REQUIRED for E-Rate Submission

Information you provide will be used by the FCC for reporting national statistics on bandwidth needs for schools and libraries. You may choose to run a speedtest from a computer at each site to provide the most up to date information.  The information MUST be entered before your E-Rate application (FCC Form 471) can be submitted online.

To Manage your Connectivity Questions:

  2. Under Reports, click “My Landing Page”
  3. Under Organizations, click on your main district or library name
  4. From the left-hand menu, select “Related Actions”
  5. Select “Manage Connectivity Questions”
  6. Answer the library or district-wide Internet Access questions
  7. Click the green “Save and Continue” button
  8. Answer Per-Entity Basis Questions:
    • Click “Edit” on each individual entity
    • Answer the connectivity questions and click “Save Changes”
  9. Once you have answered the questions for each entity click “Close"


USAC has a tutorial on managing connectivity questions.  Watch the video below to see how to make changes to your connectivity questions: